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Photo Series (now in reverse order):
17. October 2003 - December 2003 - Covers the Film Amateura premiere, the 2003 CPA Reunion Christmas Party, the Saint Mary's Vanier Cup trip (to Toronto), plus the same ol' same ol'. 133 photos.
16. Summer & Fall 2003 - Covers summer in PEI, then fall in Nova Scotia. There are parties. There are people. There are scans from five to twenty years ago. This is the largest, and probably the best Photo Series yet. 1,172 photos, 5 videos.
15j. Photo Journal IV: Bishop's Trip - "Before I Could See Past The End Of My Nose" - All about the trip to, being there, and coming back from the Saint Mary's Football Huskies September 20th, 2003 visit to Bishop's University. Much fun. 97 photos, 1 full illustrated essay.
14j. Photo Journal III: Frosh Week 2003 - "One Long Party, Part CCI" - All about the fun and games of the Saint Mary's Frosh Week. This time, Frosh Leader Camp didn't get left out, and other people with digital cameras chipped in to make this a record to remember. If you were a Frosh or Frosh Leader in September 2003, you must check this out. 385 photos, 3 videos, 5 journal entries.
13. June 2003 - More parties, my stepsister gets married, and I have some good pictures of everything from people to sunsets. 232 photos.
12. December 2002 - May 2003 - Lots here. There's the first series of shots from the production of Film Amateura, and some related parties I attended. WWE brought two TV shows to Halifax, and I brought my camera. There's some pictures from my short breaks to PEI, as well as pictures from around this town and city. There's pictures of family, and there are new scans up from 1997 and 1999. There's even a special on the .net Academic Tour stop held here. This is a "can't miss" update that took days of work to assemble. 412 photos, 2 journal excerpts.
11. August 2002 - December 2002 - From PEI: Pictures from Albion Cross, Basin Head, BJ's Cottage, golfing (Brudenell and Green Gables), Greenwich, Dundas, Stratford, and more, plus some very special scans. From NS: Even more of Bedford, Halifax, and Saint Mary's, plus a special Cronica set tour. 199 photos, 3 videos.
10j. Photo Journal II: Frosh Week 2002, Other September Things - A series of photos, digressions, and essays that document the immensely interesting time I had in early September 2002, with the focus being my experience as a Frosh Leader for the Saint Mary's University Frosh Week. If you were a Frosh or Frosh Leader in September 2002, you should definitely check this out. You may even be in here somewhere. 84 photos, 7 digressions, 3 full essays.
9. Life at ISO 200 - Photos from May 2002 through to August 2002. Friends, acquaintances, and relatives on my mom's side make their unwitting debuts. Features my first viewing of Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones, Angela's graduation, Paul's birthday, the Davidge reunion, WWE Backlash at Paul Fox's, Bill & Pearl MacLean's 50th anniversary, my ventures into the wilderness, my ventures into town, a trip on the ferry, memories of a kick-ass night out, Sand Art III, and piles and piles and piles of snow. 198 photos.
8j. Photo Journal I: February - March 2002 - A real photo journal with lots and lots of writing that documents, among other things, my trip to central Ontario for ten days in March. 93 photos, 7 digressions, 1 full essay.
7. Fun With a Mavica - An attempt at a photo essay documenting the fun I had with my relatives on PEI during the summer of 2001. It is not necessary to view the entire thing - it's been broken up into different sections since it's so big. Also includes Sand Art II. 98 photos.
6. Early Spring '01 - Miscellaneous stuff from PEI, including my sister Ila's second birthday. I'm not in any of them. 15 photos.
5. Summer '99 - I was cleaning out my room the other day (May '01), and I am just oh so glad I dug up these wonderful, never-before-seen pictures! See Kari Blanchard and Shane and Brandy MacClure for the first time on! 8 photos.
4. Winter '01 - These pictures were taken during my Reading Week getaway to PEI. The photos feature snow; Dad, Melaney, and Ila; and more snow. You think you've seen snow in Halifax this winter ('00-'01)? Ha! 11 photos.

See the many photos! Beautiful stuff, I say! There's lots of stuff in there, including:

Pictures of meeee! (8)
Family photos! (6)
CPA / Grad pics! (3)
Inanimate stuff! (11)
And, of course, Sand Art! (3)

Also see: SMU Graphics Page (16), CPA Graphics Page (5)

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