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Photo Series #6: Early Spring '01 - Desperately pulling at straws for content, we- Nah. Actually, I just wanted to bring you some more pictures of my little sister.

This picture was taken at the Blanchard's house in Stratford. One wonders if Kari and Ila are about to fight over the bananas. From left to right: Melaney, Dad, Ila Mae, Kari.

And here are the Blanchard children (well, actually Scott and Kent are both in their early twenties, but hey). Scott is working in Halifax now and Kent just came back from a trip to Florida with his cute girlfriend... but also with his girlfriend's family, so we'll put any extraneous thoughts out of our head right now. From left to right: Scott, Kari, Kent. Trust me, if I knew the names of the dolls, I'd tell them to you.

Here's Aunt Donna and Ila, sitting in the sunporch of my dad's house. From left to right: Ila Mae, Aunt Donna.

This was taken at my Grand Aunt Winnie's house in New Brunswick. From left to right: Grand Uncle Neil, Grand Aunt Winnie.

Here's Ila Mae sitting on the driveway to my grandparent's house. Actually, for legal reasons it is named a "Garden Suite." For one thing, both this new house and the old house Dad, Melaney and Ila now inhabit share the same well. Also, you can see here that the driveway doesn't connect directly to the highway.

And here's Ila on a snowbank. You can see Dad's house in the background.

Kari, always a stickler for practicality, brings her scooter along for a trip east, even when there's snow on the ground.

Remember that snowbank from the Winter '01 series? Well, here it is again. Kari: "Wheee!"

From left to right: Ila Mae, Lassie (my grand uncle's dog), Kari.

Newly recovered photos from Ila's second birthday party (posted Dec. '03):

Ila's second birthday party. From left to right: Carolyn, Kari, Ila, Ila's babysitter.

D(eanna). and the pets. Left: Sirrus.

D. and Ila.

From left to right: Kari, Uncle Shane, Ila, Tyler, D., Carolyn.

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