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Other Frosh Weeks: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003

Photo Series #10j: Photo Journal II: Frosh Week 2002, Other September Things - A series of photos, digressions, and essays that document the immensely interesting time I had in early September 2002. Like Photo Journal I (the Ontario trip one), I've tossed in a few related journal entries that should help to spice this up (you should especially check out my entries on Frosh Camp and the Video Dance). This article is also a good follow-up to Rum & Coke, the story of last year's Frosh Week, also good reading.

** If anyone would like me to e-mail them a large-size (suitable for printing, digital manipulation, etc..) copy of any photo here (like if you or your friends are in it), please send me an e-mail. Also, please send mail if you can fill in any errors or omissions of mine concerning names. **

Processing Statistics:
Mill Cove Sobeys: 1 24 exp roll Superia 400
Hammond Centre Shoppers Drug Mart*: 4 24 exp rolls Superia 400
* - Processed off-site with ultra-keen Kodak Picture Processing.

Click on the images below to view the associated photo journal. Be on the lookout for special mini-essay "digressions" (sometimes way off-topic) inserted at appropriate points on some pages.
Frosh Leader Camp (text only) - 08/29-31/2002 Halifax, Citadel
Halifax, Citadel - 09/01,07/2002
Frosh Move In, Dry Pub
Frosh Move In, Dry Pub - 09/01/2002
Turfburn, Scavenger Hunt, Casino Night
Turfburn, Scavenger Hunt, Casino Night - 09/02/2002
David Usher concert
David Usher concert - 09/03/2002
Thoughts on Alcohol (text only) - 08/31; 09/04,07/2002
Sights and... er, Sensations Video Dance (text only) - 09/05/2002 Beach Day / Air Show
Beach Day / Air Show - 09/07/2002
Images of Saint Mary's
Images of Saint Mary's - 09/2002

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