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Me Pictures - (some of these are duplicated elsewhere, those are idicated by an asterisk (*) at the beginning of the photo caption)

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More or less, this is what I look like. If it looks like a bunch of pictures like this just surfaced in this photo album of mine, it's because I had Uncle Shane take a bunch of photos of me so I could get one that I look like. =) I was going to use one for my ICQ photo, but I'm not so sure that I'll do that for a while - I rather like the '256color.bmp' "photograph" that I'm using now. =)

At Sheila's (one of Uncle Shane's sisters') house there is a lobster on the wall. Go figure. View Original

This is just me mowing the lawn around St. Jame's United Church in Souris, PE; although this picture might have been posed for, and I don't believe it had been taken until I had completed 80% of the lawn. It was a nice day to cut grass.

* This is my Grand Uncle Neil and his horse Patches. (A Grand Aunt/Uncle is any of your grandparent's siblings.) Uncle Neil is something of a local celebrity, and he has been entering in (and winning) the equestarian competitions at the Dundas Plowing Match for years and years and years.

I'm not entirely sure when this was taken, this August after I got my new glasses is as much as I know. I think Alex Trebek is trying to tell me something. =) From left to right: Shirley MacClure (aunt), Shane MacClure (uncle), Alex Trebek (Jeopardy! host), virtually all of Shane MacClure's family, William Matheson, Kent Blanchard (1st cousin), Scott Blanchard (1st cousin), Kari Janelle Blanchard (1st cousin).

Although I look somewhat girlish, I still rather like this photo.

This was a close runner-up for the "this is what I look like" photo, but I liked the photo further up above better. =)

This is just me outside the Patrick Power Library at SMU. A friend of mine snapped this for me. I'd mention her name, but I've never known what it was. =) This image was used for a campaign poster. View Original

Here's me at my Grandmother Matheson's house... apparently I am preoccupied with what's on TV. =) From left to right: William Matheson.

* This is me picking up my high school diploma at the Dartmouth Sportsplex! Also on this day, "Weird Al" Yankovic's 'Running With Scissors' hit the stores!! From left to right: Some locally famous person I do not know, Ms. Bonner (the Guidance Department secretary at CPA), Ms. Dompierre (a Drama teacher at CPA), Mr. Whitman (the Principal at CPA), William Matheson (recieving my diploma), Mr. LeRoux (a vice-principal at CPA at the time), Former MLA Francene Cosman, and another locally famous person I do not know.COMING SOON: Soon, you'll see various pictures of me standing around my Aunt's house in Souris... should be quite good. Again, I'll be taking the slides into Carsand-Mosher, both because they did a good job with the last batch, and plus I'm having problems scanning slides with the various scanners I come across... even the ones *with* transparency and/or slide adapters. Also some sand art if the photos turn out, which would be really really cool.

Me Pictures - CPA / Graduation Pictures - Family Pictures - Sand Art - Places and Buildings - Pictures With Many Other People In Them

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