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Photo Series #7: Fun With a Mavica - A photo essay documenting the fun times I had with my relatives over the summer of 2001. If you're using a dial-up connection, go to the fridge for a snack while you wait for the sub-pages to load.

What is a Mavica, anyway? Well, Sony makes these (expensive) digital cameras called Mavicas. The oldest ones (like the one I got to use) used plain 'ol 3½-inch HD PC-formatted floppy disks. The new ones use 3-inch CD-RWs; they're really expensive.

Basically, at least with the old model I was using, I'd get better results if I were to take regular 35mm photos and then scan them here at home in Halifax. With this camera, though, it's quantity that counts. Diskettes are literally a dime a dozen now (thus cheaper than a roll of 35mm film), but in addition there is the ability to experiment on-the-fly to an extent only approached by Polaroid (but then we're talking expensive again). If you don't like how something turned out, you can just delete it and try again.

Now you're probably asking me how I came to be in the financial situation of being able to purchase my very own Mavica. Ha-ha. No that's not what happened, but you might recall my Uncle Shane - the fellow who teaches at Souris High? We just borrowed the school's. Don't worry, I was careful!

Alright, now where to begin? What I'm going to do with this is bring up a photo, talk about it a bit, then bring up another photo, then talk some more... In cases where I have additional photos of the same event, I'll just roll them along on the bottom of the page.

Anyway, I guess it's time to get started. Click on the images below to see the associated series.
Family Photos
Experimental Photos
Foliage Photos
Driving Photos
Miscellaneous Photos
Mill Trip Photos
Mill Trip
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Tree Trip
Sand Art II
Sand Art II

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