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Photo Series #5: Summer '99 - Whoo! They're old, but they rock! Most of these pictures date back to my August 1999 stay in Prince Edward Island.

This is a big photo update for several reasons. Most importantly, we can see Kari, Uncle Shane, and Brandy for the first time on There are also lots of pictures of me, though if you want to see what I really look like most of time, I would recommend looking elsewhere - most of the pics here didn't have me looking my absolute best. But you know what? I don't really care anymore! Yes! I think that aside from my hair and clothes, I am no longer a vain person! =) Ha-ha. We're getting better, really. At least I don't walk around hunched-over anymore. Oh, and one final thing: These pics were stuffed inside an envelope for over a year and a half (I just found them again a few days ago), and so they were quite flat and easy to scan.

I'm pretty sure that this was taken within seconds of a similar picture on the old photos page, but the other one was with Uncle Shane's camera loaded (as almost always) with slide film. All these photos are out of Aunt Shirley's camera, or at least I think so. Anyway, here's Grand Uncle Neil and Patches at his farm; still going after all these years. From left to right: William Matheson, Patches, Grand Uncle Neil.

And here's my Aunt Shirley! Again, you can see Dundas Consolidated Elementary School behind the trees to the right. I'll have to get a full picture of that place on here someday, but let's hope I don't look deranged doing it.

Here we are at Jimmy Collishaw's (my first cousin once removed - meaning my great-grandparent's grandchild) summer... um, very large house. Poor Natasha (and myself, though I don't have one on me at the moment) seem to spend a lot of time carrying the smaller kids (Annissa and Skye) around on our backs... Kari must have put up a good story to be on Natasha's back in this photos. From left to right: Kari Blanchard (first cousin) on top of Natasha Collishaw's (second cousin) shoulders, Skye Collishaw (second cousin) on top of Nassim Collishaw's (second cousin) shoulders, William Matheson.

As promised, here's Brandy MacClure making her debut! This is one of the picnic tables at the Rainbow Valley theme park in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. If you're in the area (heck, the whole island's in the area), it's definitely worth a trip. Other than this place and the National Park, I would recommend avoiding Cavendish like the plague. It's just not PEI, you know? Oh, but we've had so much fun here over the years. From left to right: Shirley MacClure (my aunt), William Matheson, Brandy MacClure (my uncle's niece), Jeremy MacClure (my uncle's nephew), Donna Blanchard (my aunt), and... oh, dear I don't remember her name, but she is a relative. A first cousin once removed to me would be my guess.

This theme park is not nearly as cheesy as this picture makes it look, really! Oh, but forget the ten thousand cars and minivans - this is my Uncle Shane's big debut! Yes, he once signed our guestbook, and now he's here in living color! At this 'lake' in Rainbow Valley, you can also hop on a little motor-water-scooter which zips along at half the speed of a crawling baby. The lesson: If you're racing (haha), you'll never beat the rowboat. From left to right: Shane MacClure (my uncle), Brandy MacClure (my uncle's niece).

Here's me relaxing on the grass, with a book and soda. This is between holes at the Dundarave course of the Brudenell River Resort. (Dundarave is definitely interesting (especially some of the new and different views), but the main Brudenell River course is nicer, in my opinion.) Uncle Shane (and sometimes his friend Randy) and Aunt Shirley golf, and I tag along. Sometimes I even pretend to caddy for Aunt Shirley. =) The Brudenell River course is a great one, and a regular stop on the Canadian Tour. The other two marquee courses on PEI would be the Mill River course at the Mill River Resort, and The Links at Crowbush Cove (cha-ching!).

Boy, Aunt Shirley sure has Kari well trained, doesn't she? This is Aunt Shirley's kitchen in her house in Souris. From left to right: Kari, William, Uncle Shane.

We'll end with a shot of Kari standing beside the sunflowers, which are likely my Uncle Shane's handiwork. If you look behind the flowers, you'll get a glimpse of how utterly huge the backyard is. Hey, wanna see this house in a larger perspective? Just click here. See that green patch in the middle of all the houses on the upper-left? That's the backyard. Woah. Too bad you can't see Uncle Shane's sunflowers from the air. See you around!

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