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INFT 2100

Project Management

60 credit-hours

This course covered the basic theory and skills that introduced us to the process of effective project management and the unique challenges of Information Technology (IT) projects and methodologies.

Deliverables included outling project requirements, analysing estimation techniquies, creating resource-backed Gantt charts, creating and maintaining a risk log, creating and maintaining project logs, creating and maintaining Sprint burndown charts, and running a mock project in each of the Waterfall and Scrum development models. (The mock Scrum project had real code and became the Antlions project in the C++ course.)

Most of the projects were collaborative, and I worked with classmates Ben Allen, Isaac Benoit, and Jamie Curnew in most cases.

Here I present our milestones and scheduling assignment, which includes a resourced Gantt chart in MS Project. One thing that we would change if we were submitting this again: We'd avoid vague terms like "complete" or "ready". To be as objective as possible, it would be better to say something like "we have sign-off from the project owner" - something that is unambiguous - not subject to interpretation.

"Wheel Engineering" Project
Sceenshot of Project file - click to enlarge
Download: 450 kB (ZIP)