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I like pfishing, cow tipping, and stamp collecting. Here is a picture of my ferret...

Well, I really do take a fair number of photos. If you hit RELOAD a lot, you might even find some good ones!

I also enjoy screencasting. I hope to someday "LP" more classic video games. I've already done Super Metroid and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (mostly to cut my teeth; they were very easy choices):

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Super Metroid
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When I was at Saint Mary's, I wrote these two short stories. I haven't been much for writing since then.

I follow politics and sports and I am a Twitter fiend - so much so that I hardly ever write long-form journal / blog posts anymore. But you can subscribe to my feed so that you'll know when I do. Unless you're going to be my future boss, in which case you'll want to subscribe to this feed instead.