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HDWR 1000

Hardware I

60 credit-hours

The framework for this course was chapters 1, 2, and 4-11 of Jean Andrews' CompTIA A+ 2009 In Depth. The book appears to be designed to generate students capable of passing the A+ certification test, which qualifies you to work at Staples and, while maintaining a straight face, ask customers for $70 to configure their router.

Fortunately, we had lectures that delivered content not in the book, and we had plenty of lab exercises. Yes, some of them were taking A+ practice questions, and the "correct" answers were sometimes wrong in the system, and yes, it did count a little bit towards our lab grade, but no, I am not the least bit bitter no sir why do you ask.

This course included a major project: A manual for how to upgrade hundreds of workstations. It's roughly what you'd need to know if you had a truck pull up to your company's recieving door with one working system and a whole bunch of parts. An extension of that was to make a video (for bonus points) describing how a processor is safely upgraded.

Workstation Upgrade Manual How to Upgrade the Processor in Your Computer
Workstation Upgrade Manual - click for PDF
Download: 2.5 MB (PDF) :: 42 MB (Word, in ZIP archive) Regular version: Watch on YouTube :: or download: 56 MB (Video)
Short version:   Watch on YouTube :: or download: 21 MB (Video)