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I am recent Information Technology graduate of Nova Scotia Community College, Institute of Technology Campus, where I concentrated in Programming. This set of webpages began as a first-semester Web Development project, and is morphing into a full-fledged e-portfolio. If you want to see some of the things that NSCC IT students typically do, take a look at my coursework.

I am passionate about creativity and technology, and I aspire to be a visionary thinker and an authentic leader. Failing that, I'll try to be a professional larrikin.

I taught English and a few other subjects in the medium of English as an intern at a private bilingual grade school in Japan a few years ago. I love photography, though I'm just into it casually. I love performing (especially theatre), and, since I'm an acknowledged technical genius, I'm also good at breaking other people's computers.

In order for me to graduate, NSCC required several specific things that didn't really fit with what I want in the portfolio. I've lazily listed them here.

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