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ATEL 2220


(Université Sainte Anne)

The scene illustrated in our clip - click to listen, select 'arts et culture'
Foreground: Un père très calme.

At Sainte-Anne, the spring and summer immersion sessions include a workshop component. Since I love the stage and was newly eligible for it, I chose the theatre workshop. This marked my first time performing in a production staged in the medium of French.

The play, which the facilitators wrote just for us, was about a sisterly feud that results in a kidnapping. I played the preternaturally calm father. I was inspired to play it a bit like Mr. Bennet from Pride and Prejudice.

We were lucky enough to have a Radio-Canada reporter stop by on our rehearsal. An instructor from France remarked to me at breakfast the day the story aired: "I heard you on the radio this morning! All of Atlantic Canada heard you." I chuckled; I was certain that virtually none of my anglophone friends were listening. Folks in the know, though, do listen to Espace musique, but we were on Première Chaîne.

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Our appearance on Radio-Canada: Le réveil
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