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WEBD 3000

Web Application Development II

60 credit-hours

In this course we learned to make soup-to-nuts web applications on the Microsoft stack ASP.NET websites leveraging SQL Server databases.

We also learned how to make and use Web Services that generate and return lists of objects in XML (a plain-text markup language used for information exchange). I love Web Services, because they're somebody else's job to consume! (Me give you data. You do UI.)

Our final project was the e-Commerce site for our Capstone project. I talk more about it there. For the purposes of this page, though, Ill show you our "Publishers" assignment that used the good old "pubs" database. It's relatively low on the whiz-bang, I admit, but it has a few tricks like dynamic theming and dynamic charts.

Serious Publishing, Inc. Website
Screenshot - click to enlarge
Download: 5.47 MB (ZIP)