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PROG 1400

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

60 credit-hours

In this course we learned to create simple programs in Java using the IDEs NetBeans and Eclipse.

We also learned OOP fundamentals, creating custom classes and illustrating the interrelationships with diagrams.

One of the major projects was to create a "Dungeons and Dragons"-esque game. (Me, I ended up going for something like a crude text-based Final Fantasy.) It was a huge open-ended project that sent people off wildly in all directions and sucked a lot of the momentum out of the course. Nevertheless, I managed to make something that's kinda-sorta playable - well, once.

Once? Why once? Well, in order to have the characters attack asynchronously, I had to set up a thread for each character. When a character died, the battle would stop - well, in that the textarea would stop updating. But my poorly-managed threads live on, and if you hit "Fight!" again you'll see all kinds of nonsensical shenanigans. (I tried various ways to kill and restart the threads, but nothing worked.) It was kind of beyond what was called for in the assignment, but I was so attached to ATB from years of playing Final Fantasy that I couldn't live without it.

So, that said, I put the project files / source code in this here archive, and perhaps some interested passerby will offer a suggestion. Worth a shot, right?

Class Diagram Basic Battle Simulator
Class Diagram - click for PDF Screenshot - click to enlarge
Download: 87 kB (PDF) :: 233 kB (Visio) Download: 1.5 MB (ZIP)