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PROG 1100

Programming I

90 credit-hours

In this course we learned to create simple Windows programs in Visual Basic .NET using the IDE Visual Studio.

The textbook was Programming in Visual Basic 2010 by Julia Case Bradley and Anita C. Millspaugh.

For our final project, we strung together our series of smaller assignments into one larger application: "VB Auto Centre Professional", adding some CRUD functionality and the ability to access multiple files where before we only needed to write to a pre-determined text file and read it again later. To try and avoid reinventing the wheel again (you'll see in the car wash order form how I had to do that!), I switched from text files to an Access database file. This does have the side effect of requiring Access 2007 or later to be installed on your system in order for the database functions to work (but you can still play with the rest of the suite). This limitation helps Microsoft prevent novice coders from releasing programs that do anything useful for the general public.

You can download the project yourself and do whatever you like with it. (But please - no cheating on your homework. Do the stuff yourself or you're not going to learn anything.) I only ask that you credit me if you reuse my code somewhere else - or credit our instructor or the textbook author if you reuse theirs!

VB Auto Centre Professional
Screenshot - click to enlarge
Download: 1.36 MB (ZIP)