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OSYS 1000

Operating Systems - Unix

60 credit-hours

In this course we installed, maintained, configured services on, and created scripts in Solaris 10 and openSUSE 11.3. We also maintained a changelog as part of our weekly assignments:

  • OSYS 1000 Changelog
  • January 11:  Installed openSUSE.
  • January 12:  Installed Apache.
  • July    13:  Successfully opened firewall; Apache now working.
  • July    14:  Hosted new paradigm-shifting Web 2.0 app on VM; sold start-up for $1B*, retired at 30.

For our final project, we were asked to choose a Unix or Linux distribution and document its installation and the configuration of important network services. If this were my only course, I would have been tempted to choose something like FreeBSD, but I went with Xubuntu, which is basically Ubuntu but with Xfce instead of Unity. As they say, a masochist is someone who likes a cold shower in the mornings, so he takes a hot one.

Xubuntu 11.10 installation; Samba, VNC, SSH services
Xubuntu installation and configuration - click for PDF
Download: 3.6 MB (PDF) :: 7.2 MB (Word)

* - Who knew saturated pictures of sidewalk garbage could be so lucrative?