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NETW 1100

Networking I

60 credit-hours

This course largely consisted of Cisco Packet Tracer labs and hands-on exercises using both physical gear and virtual machines. (I heard the course is cross-listed with VRTU 1000. j/k)

For one of our weekly labs, we were asked to come up with a price for the wiring infrastructure necessary to wire the offices of a factory. If I were doing it for real, I would have searched more exhaustively for low prices. (I also would have determined if the wiring would indeed be run in the celining, and if it could be done in a straight-line fashion to save wire.) Here I just needed to find two different prices for each component. I tabulated the items in an Excel spreadsheet to save a little bit of time. I also added the wiring to a Visio diagram of the factory floor plan. I embedded both objects in the memo.

"Estimated costs for networking the new facility"
Cost memo - click for PDF
Download: 106 kB (PDF) :: 860 kB (Word)