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INFT 1000

Foundations in IT

60 credit-hours

This course seemed to be structured with the aim of helping us choose our concentrations since that's a choice that needs to be made (or narrowed down to one of two categories) by the end of the first semester, instead of at the end of the first year, as it was in the past. This was to our frequent chagrin, as there was generally enough experience in the classes themselves to catalyze the solidification of the decision.

Many deliverables and reflections and presentations (a gong would have been helpful) and even an unfortunate MBTI personality test were among the components of the course.

The final project in the course was formulating a career plan. I present it to myself with the usual caveat MMMV - my mileage might vary.

My Career Plan
Career Plan - click for PDF
Download: 27 kB (PDF) :: 43 kB (Word)