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FRLS 1806

Français langue seconde - Intermédiaire I

(Université Sainte Anne)

Post-secondary students (and some secondary students, see the elegibility requirements) - should be aware of the Explore language bursary program. The bursaries are awarded by random draw, but if you get one it pays for your tuition, room, and food minus a $200 program fee. The only other thing you have to do is get yourself to where the program is taking place.

Sainte-Anne offers a unique total immersion experience that is second to none in the country. All the horror stories are true: These guys will follow you into the woods if they have to, if they think you're sneaking off to speak a language other than French. But Sainte-Anne has something that works - it works because of the totality of the immersion, and it also works because they shoehorn in so many activities (don't try to do everything; you'll burn yourself out) that you forget you're in French boot camp.

So I told you that to tell you this: As part of my Intermediate I class, we were required to produce an oral presentation. My group decided to make a video, and this is what we made: Channel 7 News. I did most of the shooting and all of the editing. Yep, it was a boatload of extra work in an already packed immersion program! But going forward it's great to have this kind of concrete thing I can show people, especially at this early-middle stage in my journey to French proficiency.

Chaine 7 nouvelles
Watch on YouTube :: or download: 312 MB