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DBAS 1001

Introduction to Databases

30 credit-hours

This course was an introduction to databases through the medium of Microsoft Office Access. Most of the course consisted of following step-by step walkthroughs in the textbook to apply things to, and generate items from, a large pre-existing database.

The signature deliverable in the course was an independent implementation of the things we'd learned, applied to a business or concept of our own choosing. I've been a Star Trek fan in the past, so I came up with a rudimentary "fleet management" application for a Starfleet Command bureaucrat.

You can download and play with the database youself and modify it however you like. The download is a ZIP archive with the database, copies of the resources that were embedded in it, and information about where to locate the resources. The database password is password.

Vessel and Assignment Management System
Screenshot - click to enlarge
Download: 9.14 MB (ZIP)