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COMM 1100

Technical Communications

30 credit-hours

A signature deliverable from this course is a short oral presentation, which each student crafts and presents individually.

I presented on the topic of choosing a display. By no means is it an exhaustive list of things to look for (I didn't have space to consider connections, for instance), but I am confident that it competently explains the basic concepts that educated consumers ought to have ingrained.

Making the video was a cinch - I only had to narrate my slides in PowerPoint (not too difficult - I just read off my notes from when I actually gave the presentation) and from PowerPoint (2010) itself I could export a video. No muss, no fuss. Everything should be so easy! It also totally obviates all of those YouTube tutorials that take you through re-inventing the wheel, which might still be necessary with earlier editions of PowerPoint.

Choosing a Display
Watch on YouTube :: or download: 35 MB (Video) :: 19 MB (PowerPoint)
4 MB (PowerPoint - slides only) :: 3 MB (PDF - slides only)

This presentation is based on a more detailed "short report" assignment. The written report is available in PDF, Word, and (in a pinch) HTML.