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APPD 2000

Mobile Application Development

60 credit-hours

In this course we developed simple Android applications using Eclipse.

We built layouts, set listeners, passed information with Intents, pulled files from the Asset Manager, and used an application's built-in SQLite database. Testing was typically perfomed in an Android Virtual Device, though students with their own trust fun- real Android devices could use those instead.

I must acknowledge that layouts were my greatest weakness. I kept trying to make the one layout that would work for every screen size and orientation. Perhaps this was a pig-headed thing to do. I don't think I'm ready to develop Android apps for the real world until I truly master layouts, and I am still a raw beginner even after finishing this course.

There were three major deliverables: A calculator, a quiz, and a video player (with ratings). Here I exhibit the quiz: a Star Trek species quiz. (You already have a better calculator, and the video player works off videos already on the SD card and is therefore completely impractical.) Special thanks go to classmate Jamie Curnew for showing me how to use a background.

Star Trek Species Quiz
Sceenshot of species quiz - click to enlarge
Download: 1 MB (ZIP)